Kimberly Fessel

Postdoctoral Fellow
Mathematical Biosciences Institute

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Contact Info

  • Email: fessel.6 (at)
  • Office: Jennings Hall 380,
                 Ohio State University
  • Phone: 614.688.3334


Research Interests

I am primarily interested in mathematical biology, asymptotic methods, and combining analytics with numerics to arrive at system solutions. My thesis research centered around the development of a comprehensive model for the transduction mechanism of the mammalian cochlea. The fluid-solid interactions of the cochlea can be described by coupled PDEs, whereas, a micromechanical model has been developed to represent the outer hair cells' external forcing which influences the system nonlinearly. More details.

Curriculum Vitae

A PDF copy of my CV can be found here.
Last update: 18 September 2013.

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