Welcome! I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute. My  research is partial differential equations (PDE) based modeling, computation and analysis of problems in structural biology and cancer research. My current  research interests include :

  1. (1)Multi-scale and multi-physics modeling of ion channels (poster);

  2. (2)Solid tumor growth under complicated cell-cytokines interaction pathways (poster);

  3. (3)Modeling and computation of industrial nano-transistors such as MOSFETs (poster);

  4. (4)Numerical algorithms of PDE system;

  5. (5)Analysis of free boundary problem and its applications.


Contact Information:

  Email: chen.906 AT mbi DOT osu DOT edu

  JE 374, 1735 Neil Avenue

  The Ohio State University

  Columbus, OH, 43210                                                My CV in PDF format