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Since 2013, I have been an NSF postdoctoral fellow at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute. I am currently seeking employment in the fields of applied mathematics and mathematical biology. I am particularly interested in research positions in mathematical neuroscience where the breadth of my training and experience should prove to be an asset.

I am generally interested in using analytical as well as statistical and computational approaches in order to understand biological systems, particularly those of neuroscience. I am also interested in fundamental questions of probability measure in infinite dimensional Banach spaces. My recent work as been on inverse problems relevant to biology as well as mathematical modeling of Cortical Spreading Depression and ectopic tissue calcification. My postdoctoral mentors are Robert M. Miura (NJIT) and Kevin C. Brennan (UofU). I previously completed my Ph.D. in Biomathematics at UCLA, where my advisor was Tom Chou.

The primary tools that I use and study in my research include the path integral, stochastic differential equations, partial differential equations, homogenization, Gaussian processes, and convex optimization.

#In my papers I go by the formal name Joshua C. Chang, but in real life I go by just simply Josh. English is #my native language but I also speak Mandarin fluently. My Chinese name is #is 張家顯.

Recorded lectures

  • Fields Institute talk on Neurovascular Coupling and Spreading Depression [link]


Some of my current collaborators in no particular order:

  • Robert Miura, NJIT Departments of Mathematical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering
  • KC Brennan, University of Utah Department of Neurology
  • Huaxiong Huang, York University Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Jonathan Wylie, City University of Hong Kong Department of Mathematics
  • Markus Dahlem, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Tom Chou, UCLA Departments of Biomathematics and Mathematics
  • Van Savage, UCLA Departments of Biomathatics and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Leopold Matamba Messi, Mathematical Biosciences Institute
  • Jorge Manuel Mendez, University of Utah Department of Neurology
  • Pak-Wing Fok, University of Delaware Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • José Otero, The Ohio State Univeristy Department of Pathology
  • Avner Friedman, The Ohio State University Department of Mathematics
  • Patrick Gygli, The Ohio State University Department of Pathology

Funding Institutions

I am grateful for support from the following institutions and agencies:

MBI Logo National Science Foundation The Ohio State University